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About Us

For us, GoldnBlu is *very* personal.

Our story is inspired by a kid named Zoe, a little girl, born to a single momma, with an extra 21st chromosome. 

Zoe's mom, Feleceia, had a desire to not only find creative ways to celebrate the unique characteristics of her little girl, but wanted to start thinking about ways to make sure she could one day work and create a life for herself. 

So, she teamed up with Zoe's cousins, C'erra, an entrepreneurship student at Dallas Baptist University, and Gabrielle, a marketing student at the University of Texas at Arlington. They recruited the talents of an incredible jewelry maker, Bobby Burris of the Chris Orla Collection, and got to work making something special. 

People with special abilities share a magically unique view of their worlds - bold freedom. At GoldnBlu, we strive to celebrate extraordinary humans with one-of-a-kind creations, bringing awareness and joy to every wearer. Every piece in this line we're creating is literally gold/yellow and blue -- the colors for Down Syndrome Awareness.

Our big goal for the future
Our goal is to one day provide lots of jobs for people with special abilities in a number of ways, so, we're giving ourselves the time to build the right relationships and partnerships as we work to determine the best ways for the business to *work.*


Host a House Party

If you wanna keep up + support or even host a party, hit us up! Join or mailing list and search GoldnBlu on Facebook + Insta to follow.

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