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Every Child of God is born to be an influencer.


But how, Feleceia?!


Influencer in Real Life is a quick, 7-day devotional + workbook that will walk you through the practical steps of how you can influence the people in your world.


Here's a quick sample:

Would Jesus have an Instagram page?

I don't know.


Some people think that since Jesus always seemed to be *for the culture* that He would do the things to reach the people where they are.

And it seems like the whole culture is on Instagram…or Facebook, or any place a person can post a pic of their dinner or opinion.


There's a big part of me that thinks Jesus' Insta would have 316 followers with like 4 posts, one of which would likely be an awkward selfie. 11 of those followers be most of his disciples. His mom and auntie would be there, too, and they both would have liked and commented on everything, even the awkward selfie.


I tend to think that Jesus would be spending more time connecting with real humans, in the streets and at the church, than he would on Twitter. I'm not gonna say anything else about Twitter.


Jesus' connections with the people He encountered and influenced face to face changed the course of humanity and gave us direct relationship with our Creator.

Social media didn't do that. Connection did that. Influence did that.


Influencer in Real Life 7-Day Workbook + Devo

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